In the modern realms of academia and political discourse, an observant viewer can often find the persistence of one common trait: Pride. This trait has come to consume the lens through which we perceive the world. Academics, politicians, activists and artists continuously boast their subjective opinions with a sense of deep satisfaction. Although pride is an essential human experience, in excess it only acts to isolate us. As a consequence, our attempts to address pertinent global issues are hindered. The purpose of this blog is to be a champion of humility within various political and academic spaces. We define humility as the ability to modestly present one's own opinions while opening oneself to notions presented by individuals holding alternative opinions. This definition may sound simple in theory, however in an age of arrogance where profit maximization has a tremendous role in influencing the nature of various institutions upholding these virtues of humility can be nearly impossible. 

Once humility is observed to its full extent can we recognize that knowledge has no borders or limits. It is defined by the world around us. Naturally, knowledge is always incomplete. In the contemporary political space, we use resistance as a theme to produce and advocate for alternative frames of knowing, and creative expressions of lived experience. Hence, the content of this site will submit interdisciplinary discussions on contemporary conflicts that shape our existence. The aim here is to consider different opinions that may produce solutions to ongoing issues such as transitional justice, disproportional international economic development, discriminatory international laws and much more. The hope is that by engaging with said content readers are persuaded to be champions of humility and actively resist the isolated opinions imposed by the prideful leaders of various influential institutions. 

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